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PEST’A LA VISTA has been an established trustworthy business now for more than 5 Years. We are a family owned business and endeavour to keep it that way. Our customers and clients are of utmost importance to us. We have developed a basis of Trust with our clients and our business has evolved from word of mouth.

We are proud of that and take pride in our work in helping you to fight off attacks of Termites, Cockroaches, Rodents, Ants, Spiders and all other pest species that can be found in your home or business.

Our Commitment
The company has grown on the strength of its culture to provide effective pest control that is safe for people, pets and not harmful for the environment and clients assets.

We at PEST’A LA VISTA provide  skills training and personal development programs to ensure our technicians are always applying the highest level of skills and competency required.
These programs ensure technicians keep informed of the latest products, equipment and technologies to have maximum effect on pests with No or minimal impact on the environment, pets, people and quality of life of valued clients.

PEST’A LA VISTA applies its Quality Management System in assessing each project to ensure that solutions are delivered to the highest ethical and legal standards while caring for soil, water and air quality.

As part of its corporate commitment, PEST’A LA VISTA trains employees to maintain the highest levels of competency with a strong focus on environmental best practice, occupational health and safety, and customer service.

PEST’A LA VISTA also caters for all types of businesses with industrial and innovative pest management solutions. It is vital for your home or business to have a trustworthy pest control and management service in order to protect your asset and reputation.

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